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Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes

Product Specification:
  • Item No. : VHPW15
  • MOQ : 1 Set
Product Details

Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes

(1) Strong wardrobe display. The display of the wardrobe avoids the monotony of the bedroom layout. If the layout of the clothes is beautiful, the picture will look very rich and beautiful.
(2) Strong decoration. The cabinet door of this material has good decorative effect, more modern, simple and fashionable style, it is very suitable in the modern style living room, and can improve the decoration grade of the living room. The glass is rich in variety, easy to process, and has many choices of color and shape. The gloss of the material itself will make the final cabinet door product more bright, suitable for young people who are now pursuing individuality.
(3) Good light transmission and stability. The glass material is transparent, so it will not block the light and will not affect the lighting of the bedroom too much. The reflective effect of the glass also allows people to look in the mirror after getting dressed. Moreover, the glass is not easy to deform and fade even after a long time, and it is a material with a long service life.

Wardrobe Accessory

We provide many freely matching accessories for custom wardrobes. These practical accessories allow you to create and divide spaces in the closet to use the space more reasonably, making the space more clear and clear. Now, just use accessories such as lattice pull-out, storage box, trouser rack, sliding mirror and other accessories to design the interior of the wardrobe.

lacquer Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Wardrobe Storage


Wardrobe Storage

The wardrobe can be freely matched with the size and style of the storage box, which can help you make full use of the storage space of the bedroom and make your space more concise and clean.


 Closet Hanging Rail

Wardrobe can better help you store longer lengths of clothing, such as coats and skirts, etc.

uv Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Closet Hanging Rail

pvc Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box

If you are matching a wardrobe for a lady, please match a jewelry storage box for her.



Wardrobe Pull Out Rotating Mirror with Slide


270° Freely Rotate, Less Spac Occupied

When your wardrobe is equipped with a rotating folding full-length mirror, it not only meets your daily needs, but also saves most of the space for your bedroom.

melamine Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Pull Out Rotating Mirror with Slide

mdf Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes 360 degrees rotating pull basket

Wardrobe 360 degrees rotating pull basket

1)Type: Wardrobe accessories for sundries .

2) Installation position: in the wardrobe.

3) Features: soft closing,works smoothly,space saving, making your wardrobe neat.

4) Its our new product,good solution for your sundries collection.


Pants Rack

1. You can adjustable weight between robs, different match for your chhoose.

2. The square shape make the pants not easy to slip on.


Hardware:  Blum, DTC, Hutlon etc..

glass Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Pants Rack



Why Choose Us


  1. Valued 5 million RMB IDPI intelligent automatic SYSTEM
  2. Production and finished mistake rating we can control only 2%-0.05% .
  3. This system is only put into use bya few of the top Kitchen manufacturers in China.

veneer Grey Glass Door Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes Quality


  • Pre-sale: Have been served for 120 countries professional teams will free to hlep you to 2D &  3D design and big project site survey.
  • Selling:  2 days per time of follow-up services, video inspection.
  • After sales: Follow up the installationprogress Completionstatus and quality feedbackof the products.


  • Project design solution will send to you quickly within 3 hour.
  • Sample will be shipped in 3 days.

island Grey glass door floor to ceiling wardrobes


Project Case - Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobe

marble Grey glass door floor to ceiling wardrobes


1. Production Support

We will have production schedule and delivery schedule for project before ordering.

NICE Grey glass door floor to ceiling wardrobes

2. Delivery Support

we will deliver in partial, each delivery we will provide clear packing list to clarify products, and provide required custom clearance files.

GOOD Grey glass door floor to ceiling wardrobes
3. Package & Assemble Support
We will provide flat packing or assembled packing If needed, we could send assemble team to the site.
BETTER Grey glass door floor to ceiling wardrobes
Wardrobe Products FAQ

Q: What's MOQ?     

A: 1 set 

Q: Can we produce the kitchen cabinet according to customer's room size?        

A: Yes. All our kitchen cabinets, wardrobe are custom size.  

Q: What information are needed for getting a quote? 

A: wardrobe closet dimensions or wardrobe layout. 

Q: What's lead time for wardrobe? 

A: It's about 30 - 40 days.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We accept 30% T/T in advance, 70% in the period of shipment.