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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet for Customers in Ghana

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Morgan is one of my client's friends. She has a twin room. The house began to decorate the kitchen. She wanted two sets of beautiful cabinets. When she asked the price locally, she thought it was too expensive to buy two sets of kitchen cabinets.


choose kitchen cabinet for house


Then, through my client, she knew that our company provides one-stop solutions in China, so she got in touch with us. After learning about our company, she sent me the layout plan of her house. These are two completely different kitchen types. Morgan obviously has no idea how to choose a good kitchencabinet. Because she doesn't know how to choose materials or how to customize related storage space, all the kitchen cabinet knowledge relies on GOOGLE, which is not comprehensive enough.


When I get all the information about the Kitchen, including the size and budget, I will make suggestions and quotes for her.


Choosing a kitchen cabinet is mainly divided into three steps:

1. Select kitchen cabinet material. The kitchen cabinet material is divided into Solid wood, plywood, Particleboard, MDF. Solid wood is not recommended for customers with a small budget. Comparing Plywood and Particleboard, we will first recommend Particleboard. The price of Particleboard is cheaper than Plywood, and it is economical. It is the first choice for 70% of family kitchens.

2. Choose Door Panel. There are several categories:






3. Choose accessories. If there is corner space, we will recommend you to match Lazy Susan pull basket, high cabinet will be matched with three big pull basket............


For these two sets kitchen cabinets, she accepted our suggestions and started producing. After three revisions to the drawings, she confirmed the final appearance as shown in the picture.The material is particleboard with melamine and the door is made of lacquer. This design is modern and more individual.


glossy lacquer kitchen cabinet supplier


red kitchen cabinet design


l shaped red kitchen cabinet


In fact, I chose a top kitchen cabinet manufacturers and the problem was half solved. Choose VIHO - China top10 kitchen cabinet manufacture, buying quality kitchen cabinets with wholesale price. VIHO is a cabinet manufacturer from a Chinese factory and an Internet merchant. There is no intermediate cost. So at VIHO CABINET, you can not only get the customized styles you need, but also wholesale high-quality cabinets at the price. All our cabinets are guaranteed for 10 years.


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