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How to Choose a Best Custom Kitchen Cabinet Builders for Designer

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Miss Nana is a designer from Ghana and has many years of import experience from China.

This is the villa of a young couple, and Miss Nana designed a very modern kitchen for them. She is looking for new kitchen cabinet builders. The cabinet factory she worked with before had quality problems but no after-sales service. She also thought about finding a kitchen cabinet wholesale distributor, but if she wants to save more costs and cooperate for a long time, the stability of the kitchen cabinet supplier is the first step in doing business.



In this purchase, Miss Nana compared many kitchen cabinet suppliers in China, considering the certificate, factory strength, designer team, warranty period and so on. Our efficient work efficiency, professional advice and industry-leading quality. Miss Nana's agent in China visited our factory in person, and he was highly recognized for our service and quality.


1. VIHO is China's top 10 cabinet manufacturers with a factory covering 70000 square meters with 4 Branch Factory and an office with 1200 square meters in Centre of Foshan city. We have 400 staffs and 25 Designers in factory and 20 salesmen in office.

2. All products have CE certificates and a 10-year warranty.

3.Quality control is the core of VIHO. We use integrated technology to eliminate human error to ensure precise cutting of accurate orders. At each stage of production, we scan the QR code attached to each panel or package.


The custom kitchen cabinets of this young couple, U shaped, customers have been struggling to choose white or gray. In order to make the work of Miss Nana and us go smoothly, and finish all the details within the expected time and start production. We designed a free 3D kitchen design for the customer, which perfectly showed the real kitchen according to the customer's needs and drawings. The customer finally confirmed the white custom kitchen cabinets.



 custom kitchen cabinet supplier


When Miss Nana's customers received the goods, they didn't know how to install the kitchen cabinets. We conducted video guidance with his builder, and the builder quickly completed the installation.


Now, Miss Nana trusts us very much and places orders every month.

We are honored to be a trusted partner and friend with Miss Nana. Choose VIHO, choose best custom kitchen cabinets manufacturer!