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Customized Large Kitchen Cabinet in Perth, Australia

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Mr. Billy is from Perth, Australia, and his villa needs to be renovated in July 2019.

The kitchen is very large. Mr. Billy found several shops in the local market and got the quotation for kitchen cabinets, but found that if he wanted to get the dream kitchen, the kitchen cabinet’s price would be very expensive, which did not achieve the desired effect. . Because most of the kitchen cabinets sold by local distributors are assembled, they already have fixed sizes and accessories. But he wants to customize the kitchen cabinets, including the countertops and drawers. The local cost is very high, and the cost of manual assembly is undoubtedly the biggest problem. Obviously, I believe that China can completely solve these problems. In recent years, while controlling costs, Chinese factories have gradually improved product quality.


Customized Large Kitchen Cabinet for Villa


He saw many of our kitchen cabinet designs on our official website, so he contacted us, shared his drawings to us and put forward his ideas and requirements.


Customized Large Kitchen Cabinet Design

Mr. Billy chose two classic colors, the combination of wood and white, the whole kitchen is warm and modern. This is a very large open kitchen connected to the outdoor swimming pool. All electrical appliances are built into the cabinet to keep the countertop tidy and clean. The cupboard and wine storage space seem to be waiting for a party carnival. The biggest highlight of the whole kitchen is the wood color kitchen cabinet used on the surface of the cabinets, but the long island table uses bright paint. Makes the whole kitchen full of modernity.


Open Customized Large Kitchen Cabinet


China Customized Large Kitchen Cabinet


Customized Large Wood White Kitchen Cabinet


Of course, Mr. Billy's biggest puzzle is how to install the kitchen cabinets. Many customers are worried about this problem. In fact, we have been exporting cabinets for 14 years. We clearly understand that the installation of kitchen cabinets is very simple. The kitchen cabinet installation system around the world is the same. You can arrange local construction personnel to solve this problem perfectly.


Mr. Billy is very happy that we can meet all his requirements and the prices are very favorable.

Therefore, after confirming the quotation, he paid the deposit and we customized the 3D rendering for Mr. Billy to confirm all the details and real effects, and then started production.

When the goods arrived in Perth, Australia, Mr. Billy quickly completed the installation according to our instructions. It is a pleasure to send us pictures, and thank you very much for our quality and service. Telling us this is the kitchen of his and his wife's dream!!