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Customize Three Different Kitchen Cabinets for Builder

Published by admin 2022-04-09

The first inquiry from Mr. Dixon was from Alibaba. He said he needed three different types of kitchen cabinets for villas. He needs a professional cabinet supplier to help him.


After I understood all the requirements of Mr. Dixon, I recommended six plans for him for reference. According to the drawings, I have designed two plans for each kitchen for him to choose from, one is economical and the other is slightly more expensive. Mr. Dixon is a builder. Considering the cost, my plan can not only meet the requirements of Mr. Dixon’s clients, but also reduce costs. Of course, we also guarantee that the kitchen cabinets can be used for more than 15 years.


customize kitchen cabinet design for Ghana




Mr. Dixon imported kitchen cabinets from China for the first time. In the end, he placed these orders for us, and they were well received by customers.


customize large kitchen cabinet design


customize lacquer kitchen cabinet design


customize melamine kitchen cabinet design


1. For large spaces, this kitchen design is a good choice. matt lacquer for kitchen door panel. This kind of light-colored paint color does not have to worry about being difficult to clean.

2. Obviously, u shaped design + small bar is the best design for a small kitchen, saving space and practical. For customers with a small kitchen budget, this is indeed the best choice.

3. This kitchen design uses Melamine's raw materials for the cabinets, and the long island table is equipped with seats, which is simple and practical.

Our cabinets can customize the kitchen cabinet layout, raw materials, colors, sizes, etc. according to your needs and budget. Choose us to customize your practical kitchen and build the home of your dreams.


I asked him why you chose us? He said that the effective response, high quality and delicious price made him confident to choose us. And our mature after-sales service also let him rest assured.

He is very happy to choose us as a long-term business partner. If you are looking for a wholesale kitchen cabinet manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.