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Custom Kitchen Cabinets design for Condominium Project in Philippines

Published by admin 2022-04-09

  Nowadays, custom furniture is the trend in home furnishings. When it comes to custom furniture, custom kitchen cabinets design is naturally a must mention. A set of fine custom cabinetry can meet the consumer's needs for aesthetics, practicality, storage, and cleanliness in the kitchen.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets design for Condominium Project in Philippines


  Barry from the Philippines came to us for installing dozens of sets of kitchen cabinets for his condominium project, customizing the L-shaped kitchen cabinets according to his layout design. The white kitchen cabinets simplify the tone of the kitchen furniture, making the whole space look like a sense of cleanliness, and in order not to destroy the purity of white texture.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets design for Condominium Project


  The whole kitchen cabinet door is made of white baking lacquer material, high hardness double-sided baking lacquer, waterproof and moisture-proof powerful, front-end industry. high gloss white kitchen cabinets, surface varnish treatment, good gloss, wear resistance, scratch resistance. The kitchen cabinet design is distinct, with simple, elegant and classic lines, making the small apartment appear more high-quality. The whole kitchen cabinet is integrated, clearly divided into functional areas, the reasonable use of kitchen space.


Custom White Kitchen Cabinets Design


Custom White Kitchen Cabinets Design for Condominium Project


  White is a popular color in the home, in the hustle and bustle of the city, choose a white cabinet, through the color depth changes to create a sense of hierarchy, can make the kitchen after work becomes romantic and warm.


  If you are worried, why did Barry choose VIHO as the kitchen cabinet supplier? Then I will tell you three answers that make you have to choose us.

  1. Our warranty period for all customized cabinet products is 10 years. I believe that many Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturers cannot achieve this quality assurance. Only strong factories have a long warranty period.


  2. Quality. It is precisely because of our kitchen cabinet production and more than 20 years, with advanced technology production equipment and 100 million IDPI system, we strictly control the product error rate at 2%-0.05%. And before this product is produced and shipped, there is a QR code exclusive to our factory so that the factory can check its production at any time.


  3. Professional designer team. The designer team is constantly learning domestic and foreign advanced design every year, participating in exhibitions, learning and communicating the latest styles and latest technology of kitchen cabinets.