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Custom Glossy White Kitchen Cabinet in California

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Products: glossy white kitchen cabinet, white wardrobe, wood bathroom vanity

Location: California, USA

Application: Villa


Custom Glossy White Kitchen Cabinet in California


Mr Gabriel is from California America. In the conversation with Mr Gabriel, we learned that Mr. Gabriel is building his own villa and is looking for reliable Chinese suppliers to buy kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets.


He shared his drawings and ideas with us. Mr Gabriel likes simple home style. The decoration of the villa is mainly white and wood grain colors. Therefore, the colors of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and bathroom cabinets should be based on these three colors.


Mr. Gabriel has a very large open kitchen with multiple windows, and we suggested a glossy white lacquer for him. When light shines into the kitchen, it is reflected on the surface of the kitchen cabinets, making this kitchen bright and warm. The most important thing is that the glossy kitchen cabinet is also very clean. It is a very good choice. We also suggested adding an island with storage function with built-in wash basin, which is very convenient and practical. The island platform can be set up in several positions, suitable for family members to exchange beautiful things during the cooking process. On the side, considering appliances and storage, we designed a ceiling-to-ceiling locker. It is a modern and practical kitchen!


Custom Glossy White Kitchen Cabinet


Custom Glossy Open White Kitchen Cabinet


Custom Glossy Open White Kitchen Cabinet  Design


He was very satisfied and decided to fly to China to confirm all products in China and visit our showroom in real time to check the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and bathroom cabinets.

“What are nice designs!” When Mr Gabriel walk into our showroom, this is the first sentence he said. He felt amazing about our products. Then we make a quotation based on the previous design for his reference. He said the kitchen price was within budget. I suggest that he pay a deposit to make 3D drawings, so that before the order starts, he can perfectly show the real kitchen cabinets. Mr. Gabriel is happy to agree with this.


white wardrobe


After Mr Gabriel went back to USA, we kept discussing the details of all. Very soon, he confirmed all the things and made the orders. He said that he was very worried about the quality of kitchen cabinet products. I came to China, visited our cabinet factory, and saw all the certificates in our showroom, only to realize that it was so different from his imagination! We promise that all our products, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets, have a 15-year warranty. To be honest, in this market, few factories can do this. And we know the quality of our products, we have the courage to make this decision.


wood bathroom vanity


If you are decorating for house or villa and are looking for a reliable Chinese cabinet supplier, please feel free to contact us!

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