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200 Sets White Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets in Saudi

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Quantity: 200 Sets White Kitchen cabinet

Country: Saudi Arabia


white kitchen cabinet in Saudi


Mohammed from Saudi Arabia came to us with his house plans to customized 200 sets white kitchen cabinets for his project. Our team designed the U-shaped kitchen cabinets according to Mohammed's layout and style, customized the appropriate height, orientation, distance of the kitchen cabinet. It is recommended that he use acrylic door as the panel, which is suitable for the local style of use.


200 Sets White Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets


Quality kitchen cabinets acrylic door panel is very strong in comprehensive performance, the choice is very rich, the surface can be dyed. you can also choose to paint. If want higher technology, screen printing is also a very good choice, and acrylic door panel is very environmentally friendly, people use direct contact will not pose any harm.


The transparency of acrylic is great, it is a transparent plexiglass sheet, its light transmittance is very good, you can achieve a mirror-like effect. Acrylic is very suitable for kitchen cabinets it has a strong adaptability to the environment, but also has a certain antioxidant effect.


Acrylic door panel acid resistance is also relatively good, even after a long time erosion of moisture, will not appear yellowing phenomenon, and its long service life, the use of heavy fumes in the area will not be affected in the slightest. More importantly, acrylic also has very good insulation, many kitchen appliances, if you choose acrylic plate can enhance the safety factor.


customized wardroabe

customized kitchen cabinet

customized U shaped kitchen cabinet


If you are still hesitant about how to customize your kitchen cabinets, acrylic kitchen cabinets are a great choice.