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Custom Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with Island

Product Specification:
  • Item No. : RGPL102
  • MOQ : 1 Set
Product Details

Custom Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with Island

Regarding the combination of grey and white, kitchen cabinets are some timeless, chic, romantic and dreamy. It doesn't belong to the warm color, but has a gentle heart. The delicate shape makes him filled with a trace of imperceptible tenderness, bold and rational, and has an undoubted dignity and calm. No noise, no publicity, but it is unforgettable at a glance. Highlight the trend of dignity and elegance. You buy high-quality products at incredible discount prices. As an Internet wholesale cabinet manufacturer, we can eliminate middlemen and provide our customers with real wholesale cabinet prices. These cheap cabinets can usually save our customers 20%-50% from local retail stores and showrooms. Five-year warranty! Kitchen renovation requires proper planning. Contact us to learn how to allocate a budget and discover options to complete the project.

Type Kitchen Cabinet
Size & design Custom size & Design
Carcase material Solid wood/ Particle board/ Plywood/ MDF
Carcase thickness 18mm/optional
Carcase color White or custom color
Door material Solid wood/MDF/Plywood/Particle board
Door finish Acrylic /Lacquer / UV/ PVC /Melamine /Solid Wood
Door thickness 18~22mm
Countertop Granite, marble, quartz, artificial stone, or customized
HardWare  Blum Or Others Is Available
Color Cuztomized
Toe Kick PVC / Same as door panel
Kitchen Appliances Sink,oven,microwave oven,dishwasher, stove, range hood,disinfection machine,etc.
Kitchen Basket Cooker basket, flavering basket, plate corner basket,big basket,etc.
Carcass Material


Lacquer Plywood Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with Island

Door Finish


China quality Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with Island

200+ type colos you can choose, contact us to receive your dram kitchen.



Lacquer Counter Top Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with Island

Quaze/ Marble/ Granite

Note:  a variety of colors can be selected

Kitchen Cabinets Accessory


Are you still struggling with how to organize all your pots, pans and lids?

This is a perfect way to solve your problem.  No more bending down digging through your cabinet to find what you need.

It’s designed to fit just about anywhere in your kitchen, letting you create an organizational system that fits both your home and your life.


Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with box


Cutlury Box

It is an ideal choice for the daily work of the kitchen, can be perfectly integrated into any environment, making the kitchen work more neat and simple。


 Magic Coner

  • 180 degree revolving basket for kitchen corner storage.

  • All pull-out design, optimal use of corner space.

  • Different options on shelves style offering users with variants featuring exclusive design.


Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with magic conner

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with tall basket

Tall Basket

The all Larder Unit  is the perfect product for your kitchen. VIHO has designed this Larder Unit in such a way that it can be fixed in a very limited space. It offers much more then just being a storage unit. It adds value to your Kitchen! 

  • It comes with UNIVERSAL installation design which means it can be installed either with left opening as well as right opening.
  • It comes loaded with Soft Closing. 
  • Basket comes loaded with solid base which creates extra support for the items you've stored.  

Pull Out Bin

Pull out kitchen basket: cooker basket, flevering basket, plate conner basket, big basket etc.

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with pull out bin

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with tendem box

Tendem Box

  • It's sliding movement is design in such a way that no noise will be heard during functioning which will create an experience you never had before! 
  • Thanks to its new soft closing technology which closes itself even if you have just pushed it half way. 

Air Spring Support

Hinge & drawer slide:  HETTICH/ BULM/ BADDISS/ Chinese DTC, etc.



Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with air spring support



Why Choose Us


  1. Valued 5 million RMB IDPI intelligent automatic SYSTEM
  2. Production and finished mistake rating we can control only 2%-0.05% .
  3. This system is only put into use bya few of the top Kitchen manufacturers in China.

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets factory


  • Pre-sale: Have been served for 120 countries professional teams will free to hlep you to 2D &  3D design and big project site survey.
  • Selling:  2 days per time of follow-up services, video inspection.
  • After sales: Follow up the installationprogress Completionstatus and quality feedbackof the products.


  • Project design solution will send to you quickly within 3 hour.
  • Sample will be shipped in 3 days.

One Stop Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets


Project Case - Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobe

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets project


1. Production Support

We will have production schedule and delivery schedule for project before ordering.

China Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets supplier

2. Delivery Support

we will deliver in partial, each delivery we will provide clear packing list to clarify products, and provide required custom clearance files.

Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets packing
3. Package & Assemble Support
We will provide flat packing or assembled packing If needed, we could send assemble team to the site.
Lacquer Grey and White Kitchens Cabinets with feedback
Kitchen Products FAQ

Q: What's MOQ?     

A: 1 set 

Q: Can we produce the kitchen cabinet according to customer's room size?        

A: Yes. All our kitchen cabinets, wardrobe are custom size.  

Q: What information are needed for getting a quote? 

A: kitchen cabinets dimensions or kitchen layout. 

Q: What's lead time for kitchen cabinets? 

A: It's about 30 - 40 days.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We accept 30% T/T in advance, 70% in the period of shipment.