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Which One Is Better for Custom Wardrobe Design?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

In every home decoration, custom wardrobe design is a very costly task. In addition to the style and color and the distinguishing design of the cabinet, there is another detail that is easily overlooked, that is, the way of opening the wardrobe door. One is a sliding door, which is a combination of upper and lower guide rails, pulleys, and door leaves; the other is a swing door, which is divided into single-opening and double-opening doors. There are door handles that can open the wardrobe and then close the door.


The two ways of opening and closing the door of the wardrobe will not only affect the appearance of the wardrobe but also affect the specific usage of the wardrobe. They each have their own advantages. You must remember that choosing the one that suits you is the best.


Custom Swing Door Closet Design


Custom Swing Door Closet Design
Swing doors are the most traditional way of opening and closing. The endurance for so many years is due to its durability, especially after the appearance of spring hinges, the swing doors have been pushed to a new height again.

The hinged doors can all be opened at the same time, and you can find the clothes at a glance, which is very convenient and makes storage easy. Good airtightness is one of the obvious advantages of swing doors. Dust will not easily accumulate in the cabinet, and the track of the sliding door is more likely to accumulate dust. There is a difference in thickness at the joints of the sliding door, and the overall flat door of the swing door is more beautiful and simple. Its drawback is that it occupies a lot of space. A wardrobe with a hinged door needs to reserve enough space to open it, otherwise, like the narrow aisle between the bedside and the wardrobe, the bedside table will contact the cabinet door. The smallest hinged door leaf is 35 cm, and the maximum can reach 45 cm.


Custom sliding door wardrobe design


Custom sliding door wardrobe design
The sliding door wardrobe will not occupy aisle space at all during the opening process, and the side table is enough to put down the bedside table, which can effectively alleviate the feeling of space cramping and open the door easily. It is very suitable for users in small rooms. Moreover, the sliding door does not need to install the handle, the complete door panel is more blocky, and you can also match the waistline with the bedroom style according to your own preferences. But the sliding door can only be opened halfway each time it is opened, and cannot be used on both sides at the same time.


In addition, you need to pay attention when installing the sliding door. If the hanger is wide, it will hinder the opening and sliding of the cabinet door, which is relatively inconvenient to use, so remember to make the cabinet deep enough.


In general, when customizing a wardrobe design, whether you use a swing door or a sliding door, each has its own advantages. At present, there are slightly more people who choose to open the door, and everyone still customizes it according to their own needs. Whether it is a swing door or a sliding door, the one that fits is good.