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What Material Is Good For Custom Bathroom Cabinets?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

The bathroom is a very important place in the decoration of a new house. After completing the basic waterproof floor tiles, first consider buying toilets, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, etc. As an important household item, the quality of bathroom cabinets is very important. What material is good for custom bathroom cabinets?


Custom solid wood bathroom cabinet


1. Custom solid wood bathroom cabinet
Solid wood bathroom cabinets are the most common material on the market. However, they are also made of wood. The prices of bathroom cabinets of different brands vary greatly. This is because the prices of different woods are naturally different. Therefore, when customizing bathroom cabinets, you must communicate with the bathroom cabinet manufacturer. Which kind of wood is easy to use.


Custom PVC bathroom cabinet


2. Custom PVC bathroom cabinet
PVC is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by vinyl chloride under the action of an initiator. It is a kind of chemical synthetic material. The advantages of PVC board production bathroom cabinet are low price, no fear of water, simple process, changeable and fashionable shape, bright color and luster, giving the bathroom a youthful feeling.
The production and molding process of PVC bathroom cabinets mainly relies on glue and nail shots, so PVC cabinets will release a certain amount of formaldehyde. Using glue and nailing can also cause the product to be weak. The workmanship is rough and fragile. It is easy to deform or produce gaps after the collision. It has low chemical resistance and does not feel high-end. In addition, the PVC board is elastic, and the cabinet body will be deformed.


Customized stainless steel bathroom cabinet


3. Customized stainless steel bathroom cabinet
Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are waterproof, durable, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, and diverse in styles. However, due to material restrictions, the cabinet is thin, not practical, and not high-end. At the same time, it is easy to leave traces of soap and shampoo, and stainless steel is easy to darken and lose its original luster.

4. Custom jade bathroom cabinet
The jade bathroom cabinet is easy to take care of, basically, there is no moisture intrusion, moldy and black, it looks high-end atmosphere, expensive, but there are not many styles, the cabinet is bulky, and the jade is a fragile item, if there are heavy objects It is easy to be damaged by collision and maintenance is very troublesome.

5. Acrylic bathroom cabinet
Acrylic bathroom cabinets are made by first softening the acrylic material at high temperature, and then using the shape of the mold to process a variety of products. Acrylic bathroom cabinets are very waterproof and moisture-proof. However, the characteristic of acrylic itself is that it is very brittle, it is very prone to cracks, and it is easy to be scratched and damaged by knocks.

Bathroom cabinets of each material have advantages and disadvantages, depending on which aspect you prefer, and then make a choice based on the actual situation.