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What Color to Choose for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Whether the kitchen looks good or not has a lot to do with the color matching of the cabinets. Custom cabinets are becoming more and more popular. As a cabinet manufacturer, we will design and match according to consumers' preferences, especially in terms of color. In <3 Color Matching Tips for The Kitchen Cabinets>, we mentioned 3 colors. In this article, we continue to share the color selection tips when customizing cabinets.


Custom cabinets High-grade gray


High-grade gray
The dark color of the whole cabinet gives a sense of calmness, and is very popular among young people, especially high-grade gray, which is a very popular custom cabinet color at the moment. Gray is a neutral color and does not require too much color modification. High-level people, low-key but high-level, practical, and attractive.

High-grade gray cabinets are used on the cabinet doors and can be matched with white quartz stone countertops. This color-matching can be said to be a sought-after object for young people. The overall collocation will give people a sense of calm. The color selection and matching of high-grade gray, and the matching of other related accessories should choose to brighten the overall texture of the space, such as glass aluminum framed doors, sensor lights, white countertops, etc., which will enhance the color impact of the overall space, thus enhancing the brightness of the overall space.


Custom cabinets White series


White series
Will the white cabinets be difficult to clean? Don't worry, the white cabinets are not too difficult to clean. The choice of white cabinet door panels can increase the overall brightness of the kitchen space, giving people a fresh and beautiful feeling. If you choose a light-colored cabinet door, the choice of countertops can be white, light gray, black, etc. It can be said that the white match will be more flexible.


Choose UV paint, baking varnish, blister, etc. for the cabinet door, which is suitable for the daily care of the door and is conducive to later cleaning. Of course, this has a certain relationship with the range hood we choose daily, try to choose a strong smoking ability. In fact, cleaning every day is not that difficult. Choosing to customize the light-colored series of whole cabinets is mostly suitable for small-sized owners, the space is small and the color light is not good, such a light-colored collocation will enhance the brightness of the space.


Custom cabinets Dark and light colors


Dark and light colors
Dark and light-colored cabinets are also very common. Such a combination will give people a layered feeling. For example, if you choose a dark wall cabinet for a kitchen floor cabinet, choose a light color, and the overall match will be more comfortable.


The above three color combinations are the most used. As a cabinet manufacturer, we can customize according to customer needs to meet different uses and aesthetics. If you need to customize cabinets, please contact us.