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What are the size and advantages of a hinged door wardrobe?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

There are many kinds of wardrobes, the common ones are sliding door wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, and hinged door wardrobes. The size of the wardrobe is also an issue that many people care about. Is it a hinged door wardrobe? What are its advantages? Let's learn more about it together.

Hinged door wardrobe size standard

1. Hinged door wardrobe door width
The switch of the hinged door wardrobe adopts the hinge pressure mode, and it is not as good as the sliding wardrobe door in terms of load-bearing. Therefore, we have to control the width of the hinged door wardrobe, and it is recommended to control it at about 45-60cm. In this way, the hinge will not be overloaded, which greatly increases the service life of the flat door.


hinged door wardrobe

2. The height of the hinged door wardrobe
In order to be practical and beautiful, it is recommended to keep it within two meters. Two meters is a controllable height, which can avoid deformation in future use. The choice of about two meters is also because if you want to partition the interior at a height of two meters, you can design it according to your preferences and habits. If the height is too low, it is estimated that there is no hanging position for the windbreaker.


What are the size and advantages of a hinged door wardrobe?

3. How deep is the hinged door wardrobe?
Another important factor is the depth of the hinged door wardrobe. The depth of the wardrobe is the width we often say. Normally, about 45cm can meet the needs of life; if there are special needs, it depends on the actual situation. The 45cm wide wardrobe will not have any sense of disharmony in appearance, and normal feather suits and windbreakers are suitable. To sum up, 45cm is a depth standard with a high-cost performance.

Advantages of hinged door wardrobe

1. Cheap price
In the case of the same size, the sliding door wardrobe will be more expensive than the side-hung wardrobe in terms of custom price due to craftsmanship.

2. Good sealing
The hinged door wardrobe, in terms of design, leads the sliding door in tightness. I believe that many people use sliding door wardrobes, and often the door is not pushed, allowing a large amount of gray layer to enter the wardrobe.

3. Large availability
A hinged door wardrobe is better than sliding doors in utilization. For example, hinged door wardrobe, a mirror can be placed behind the cabinet door, so that it is convenient to try on clothes and make-up.