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TIPS About Kitchen Island Designs and Types

Published by admin 2022-04-09

An open kitchen must have an island. An open kitchen without a middle island lacks style. Therefore, in addition to meeting the basic functional requirements when designing, you can also plan according to the kitchen area, placing the island in the open kitchen to create a high-level space with a sense of ceremony. Some owners here may have questions: How can I add an island to the kitchen if the apartment is relatively small? Don't worry, this article see tips about kitchen island design and types.


Design premise

The island is an operating table directly arranged in the middle of the kitchen, but it is not random when it is arranged. It needs to consider the house type, layout and size in order to strive for more possibilities for the kitchen.


white kitchen island design


1. Restaurant kitchen integrated

Generally speaking, the function of the island can be maximized only by connecting the restaurant and kitchen. For example, if the dining room and kitchen are connected within the same width, the side of the dining room and kitchen are connected, or the dining room and kitchen are connected in a dislocation, the island can be inserted as a partition or a dining table.


small kitchen island


2. Detachable wall

If there is a wall blocking between the kitchen and the dining room, if the wall is not a load-bearing wall, you can remove and install an island platform. But if there is a load-bearing wall between the two and the length exceeds 60cm, then this design needs to be abandoned.


Space requirement

There are many limitations when setting up islands in small apartments, so before that, you need to have a full understanding of the setting conditions. For example, the depth between the kitchen and the kitchen should not be less than 3.9 meters, and the width of the noodles should not be less than 3.1 meters to ensure normal use in the family.


kitchen island cabinet


Type of Kitchen island

In terms of choice, kitchen islands can be divided into two types, one is a full kitchen island, and the other is a small kitchen island. It can be improved according to the size of the house to make it both practical and beautiful.


1. Full Kitchen island

The full kitchen island is a design with an island as the core of the kitchen. It can occupy a corner of the kitchen without limitation, integrating the functions of sink, storage, stove and cooking console.and complete the main operations on the island, assisting and perfecting the tasks of the restaurant and kitchen. Of course, it is very particular about having such a multi-functional full kitchen island. It is necessary to meet the requirements of a large apartment of 100 square meters or more to be eligible to make the entire apartment look beautiful and generous.


full kitchen island design


2. Small Kitchen Island

The small apartment cannot accommodate the full kitchen island, but the kitchen island is connected to the cabinet countertop in a straight or L-shaped way, leaving the line of access between the kitchen and the island. Through layout and planning, the island and dining area are combined together, which not only saves space, but also serves as a partition between the living room and the kitchen, making the space more flexible and interesting.


kitchen island with seater


After classification, you should have a general understanding of individual needs. For example: the width between the kitchen island and the cooking table should be kept at least 120cm, the two sides of the kitchen island should be left at least 90cm, and the width of the island should be at least 60cm before you can customize a kitchen island that suits your wishes station.


Functional Division

If every design needs a reason, then apart from looking elegant, practicality is the most important condition for homeowners to make up their minds.


1. Cooking area

The so-called cooking area is to move the washing, cutting, serving and preparation to the kitchen island to avoid messing up the kitchen during cooking and keep it clean and tidy.


kitchen island with cooking area


2. Multifunctional transformation

In addition to the cooking area, the kitchen island can also achieve multi-functional transformation. It can not only serve as a simple water bar for beverage production, but also install storage cabinets under the island to store dishes and condiments, connecting all activities in several To complete within the area.


wood kitchen island design



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