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This Wardrobe Design is Beautiful and Practical

Published by admin 2022-04-09

The style of wardrobe design is different, or the style is different, there is a big difference from aesthetics to practicality. Everyone has different definitions of beauty and different ways of using it. Here are some different types of wardrobe designs for your reference.


Design tips for walk-in closet


Design tips for walk-in closet:
1. Since the walk-in closet does not have a door, the dustproof effect will be poor, so it is recommended to use a curtain to cover it;
2. Generally the walk-in closet is completely dark, so it must be used with lighting;
3. Sealed space, poor air circulation, and wardrobe plates must be selected, otherwise, it is easy to produce a peculiar smell.


Open wardrobe design skills


Open wardrobe design skills:
Wear clothes that you don’t want to wash, match clothes that you want to wear tomorrow, clothes that are still slightly damp after ironing... It is always strange to put them in a closed closet. At this time, you can try the open closet design.

The open wardrobe seems to take up a lot of space. In fact, if you use the wall to make it, you can make full use of the height of the bedroom. It will not take up much space and can extend the space. In addition, the biggest advantage is that the partition can be removed and moved freely, and the structure can be adjusted according to the storage situation at any time.
Features: ventilation, unobstructed items, easy to find, flexible structure, powerful pendant, drawer, and partition functions.
Suitable for space: all


Sliding door wardrobe


Sliding door wardrobe:
It is recommended to use sliding doors for rooms. Although sliding doors are not as closed as flat doors, there will be no obstacles to opening the door. The full-length mirror can also be designed for the wardrobe. The front and side are very common, which saves space and is convenient to use.