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The Pros and Cons of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Upgrading the kitchen is an important decision. How to choose the kitchen cabinet layout, how to arrange the storage space, and even the kitchen cabinet finish you choose will have a huge impact on the appearance of your space. In recent years, high gloss kitchen cabinets have become more and more popular due to their spectacular visual appearance. High gloss kitchen cabinets are more suitable for modern kitchen. Let us consider the pros and cons.


white gloss kitchen cabinet


Pros of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet


  1. More Larger. The gloss kitchen cabinet reflects light, thus making your room feel larger and brighter. This is the biggest highlight if your space is small. If you choose darker colors, light reflection is also a benefit, because shadows will not absorb the light in the room.


white gloss kitchen cabinet design


  1. Easy to Clean. Imaging in trivial kitchen work, only need a damp anti-scratch cloth to easily wipe off stains and marks, without additional cleaning materials or solvents. How convenient is this! Easy to clean means longer life.


  1. Waterproof. Except for the bathroom, kitchen furniture is the most frequently exposed to water. If you are still worried that the kitchen cabinet will become wet due to prolonged exposure to water, which will shorten the product lifetime, high gloss kitchen cabinets are a good choice.


wholesale white gloss kitchen cabinet


Cons of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet


white gloss kitchen cabinet manufacturer


1. Regular cleaning is required. High gloss door panel will reflect under the light, dirt and scratches on them are much more obvious than on matte surfaces. If you choose a darker color, any blemishes are much more noticeable than a light-colored gloss door. These need to be cleaned regularly.