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The Kitchen Decoration First Install Tiles or Kitchen Cabinets

Published by admin 2022-04-09

When decorating the kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the kitchen first tiling or installing cabinets. If the kitchen decoration needs the owner, it is best to do some understanding of these in advance. After all, it is related to the real decoration effect of our kitchen in the future, and we still need to know enough about it.

kitchen cabinet decoration

First, whether to put the tiles first or install the kitchen cabinet first?


Many people think that kitchen cabinets are custom products and need to be customized in advance, but if the kitchen floor and wall tiles have not been affixed, are the cabinets measured accurately? Many people are unclear about this problem, so when is the cabinet custom made?


In fact, after you get a new house, you can start to consider custom cabinets. First, you need to choose the manufacturer, and then let the cabinet designer come to measure the apartment structure of the kitchen. After the measurement, you need to communicate with the cabinet designer and tell him some of your requirements and ideas in detail, which is convenient for the designer to make a sketch.


After the cabinet designer finishes the sketch, he uses this drawing to make the location of the kitchen's water and electricity, so this drawing is still very important.


Next, we will start the renovation of the kitchen's water and electricity, the laying of wall and floor tiles, and the ceiling. After all these projects are completed, the cabinet designer will come to the door again to make an accurate measurement, and then give an accurate drawing to the manufacturer The manufacturer started production based on this drawing, so when ordering cabinets, you should start thinking about it when you get the house.


In fact, in addition to the cabinets in the kitchen that need to be customized in advance, there are many furnitures in the house that are also needed, so that the socket can be reserved, and the overall appearance can be more beautiful.


white kitchen cabinet decoration

Second, the family kitchen decoration sequence and detailed steps

Step 1: Demolition

If it is an old house renovation, it is necessary to first remove the original tiles on the wall and ground, remove the suspended ceiling, remove the original kitchen utensils, lamps, etc .; if the new house wants to change the original kitchen layout, it will first face the task of removing the wall.


The second step: waterway, circuit transformation

Most people are willing to make the waterway and circuit as dark pipes, because they are more beautiful. Water circuit hidden danger engineering, so it must be safe. Provided by the cabinet designer to design the socket reservation during the hydropower transformation process (if the integrated stove is installed, the socket position needs to be designed in advance)


The third step: leveling the walls, plastering

After the ground and wall are removed, the cement leveled the uneven surface of the wall, which will facilitate the next step of waterproofing.


Step 4: Make waterproof

After the cement dries out, apply waterproof coating 2-3 times on the wall and the floor, and do a 24-hour water test.

foshan white kitchen cabinet decoration

The fifth step: tiling

Workers who stick bricks must step on the ground where the waterproof treatment is done. Stepping directly on the waterproof may step on the waterproof layer and make the waterproof invalid. The standard space-time drum for the pasting of ceramic tiles is not more than 5%, and the gap between the two bricks is not more than 2mm diagonally.


Step 6: Install suspended ceilings, cabinets, lamps

After pasting the wall tiles and floor tiles, you can ask the relevant personnel to come to install the ceiling, cabinets and lamps. (The cabinet is designed for the installation position of the smoke machine, and the hole of the smoke pipe needs to be opened when the ceiling is suspended)

 foshan quality white kitchen cabinet decoration

Make the kitchen cabinet first or tiling first? Did you learn after reading?