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Six Kitchen Countertop Colors

Published by admin 2022-04-09

There are many different colors and styles of kitchen countertop on the market for people to choose. Each kitchen countertop of different colors is made of different materials. The following article will introduce six different colors of kitchen countertop to choose. let's take a look.


1. Light texture white kitchen countertop


Light texture white kitchen countertop


One of the most common and coveted kitchen countertop is stone or engineered stone, such as quartz, which is white or off-white with slight spots or textures, which can give it a subtle sense of nature. In a traditional kitchen, this is usually better than a minimalist pure white countertop. Under what circumstances would you choose this light-textured white countertop? In open kitchen, this is usually better than a minimalist, pure white countertop. You want your kitchen space to look larger, and you like white textured countertop, so light-textured white kitchen countertop are a good choice.


2. Pure white kitchen countertop


Pure white kitchen countertop


Pure white countertop usually appear in modern minimalist styles. The material of this white countertop can resist stains well, so it can be kept clean with a little attention. Pure white countertop are particularly effective in small spaces, such as small apartment kitchens, with simple white cabinets to create a feeling of larger space.


3. Wood kitchen countertop


The warm wood gives people a rustic and natural feeling. The natural wood countertop are matched with white kitchen cabinets. The refreshing white kitchen makes people feel more warm, while the wooden countertop are more concise. It balances traditional and modern elements, especially because of the existence of classic wood. If you like wood-colored countertop and like its rustic feel, then wood-colored kitchen countertop are a good choice.



4. Black kitchen countertop


Black kitchen countertop


Black countertop are resistant to stains, and black countertop will look very Gothic in certain atmospheres. If your kitchen cabinets are dark or the floor is dark, then you can match black countertop. In addition to dark colors, black countertop can also be matched with other bright colors, such as blue, beige, white, and so on.


5. Gray kitchen countertop


Gray kitchen countertop


If you like neutral colors, but don't like too light or too dark, then gray is the best choice. Because gray is the most neutral color, it is another great choice to pair with colorful cabinets, especially if you have different cabinets In the space of the door panel, it can help light and dark cabinets connect together.


6. Deep-textured kitchen countertop


Deep-textured kitchen countertop


Brightly textured countertop are very attractive, but when this richly textured countertop is paired with dark cabinets, the countertop are less eye-catching, so they are suitable for light-colored kitchens. If your kitchen is big enough, or you like this kind of obvious textured countertop, then this dark countertop will be the best choice.


The above is about the color of kitchen countertop. Do you have a favorite color for kitchen countertop? Come to the VIHO online store to choose your favorite kitchen countertop color and customize your kitchen cabinet.