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Pros and Consof Quartz Countertop Used in Bathroom Cabinets

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Quartz countertop should be the most common countertop material in bathroom cabinets. Because the bathroom environment is humid and the furniture material has high requirements for moisture resistance, not all countertop are suitable for bathroom cabinets. Let’s learn about quartz. The cons and pros of using as a quartz countertop.


modern bathroom vanity


What is Quartz?


Quartz is an engineered stone, made from ground-up particles of stone bound together with space-age plastic resins. The cost of quartz countertop will vary greatly, depending on the quality of the material, style and color, as well as the manufacturer and installation costs. Installation costs will also vary, depending on the size and thickness of the countertop, ease of installation, etc.


The Pros of Quartz Countertop


white modern countertop bathroom cabinet


1. Rich colors. There are many colors of quartz, including solid colors, spots and textures. You can choose the colors and patterns you like.


2. Durable. Quartz is very durable, which is very important in the bathroom, because it may be exposed to acidic substances, which may affect other materials such as natural stone or wood. Quartz can resist cracking, chipping and scratching.This is an important reason for choosing it as a countertop.



bathroom vanity countertop


3. Low cost. Many designers say that quartz is a good quality, practical and affordable material. If you don't have much budget, then quartz countertop will be a good choice.


4. Anti-bacterial. Quartz countertop are non-porous, so they are not easy to stain, so bacteria and viruses are not easy to grow, which is very important in the humid environment of the bathroom.


5. Easy to install and less maintenance. Quartz countertop are easy to install and repair, and the cleaning method of quartz countertop is simple, only soap and water are needed for cleaning.


The Cons of Quartz Countertop


black bathroom cabinets


1. Not heat resistant. Unlike granite countertop, quartz countertop are not heat resistant and are easily damaged by high temperatures.


2. No weight bearing. In addition to being heat-resistant, quartz is not load-bearing, and cannot bear too heavy weight and impact.


3. Chemically sensitive. Long-term use of ordinary household cleaners containing bleach or acid chemicals can damage the quartz countertop, so be careful.


white marble countertop used in bathroom cabinet


The Color of Quartz Countertop

The common colors of quartz countertop are white, gray and black. Neutral colors are the main ones, because these colors make the bathroom look brighter and bigger, and it is easier to decorate the rest of the space around the neutral color countertop. Different colors are suitable for your style, black and white countertop are suitable for many styles, and gray is suitable for industrial styles.


The above is about the related content of quartz countertop. If you want to choose a countertop for your bathroom, quartz countertop will be a good choice. If you want to learn more about decoration, come and FOLLOW VIHO.