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Minimalist Grey and White Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Published by admin 2022-04-09

In recent years, young people especially like modern simple grey and white kitchen cabinets. Minimalism is an art school that pursues simplicity to the extreme. A design style that makes people look modern and neat, and feel the overall taste more elegant. In the face of complicated decoration, the simpler the better, so "minimized" life is becoming more and more popular

modern simple grey and white kitchen cabinets

However, after using the kitchen cabinet for a while, you will find the problem. There are many things at home that cannot be accommodated. It is messy, and how to clean it will feel messy, so many young people regret the choice of simple cabinet interior design. In fact, this problem can be easily solved by the following method. Let's take a look.

modern grey and white kitchen cabinets

1. Color matching, cure the messy sense of space

For kitchen cabinet storage, the matching of colors is very important. If the colors cannot be connected well, the messy space will become thicker. Design the storage space in a minimalist space, choose the same or similar color storage tool as the indoor floor, and try to use the same materials to make the color and texture uniform, so that the indoor color does not have much contrast, the entire interior gives People have a neat and orderly visual sense.

modern grey and white kitchen cabinets design

In the design of cabinets, gray and white kitchen cabinets are the most popular. Its very wild classic. glossy kitchen cabinets are also used in many homes, suitable for cleaning.

For example, for lockers, the exterior colors should be similar. For example, the color of the cabinet door and the color of the door handle should be similar. The room is no longer chaotic.

Like this gray and white cabinet, it is very simple and advanced.


2. Make full use of space and expand kitchen cabinet storage space

For the minimalist space, some people will sacrifice convenience in order to make the visual sense more simple. If this happens. So what are the benefits of minimalist interior design? The correct approach is that when we pursue the minimalist style, we should make full use of the idle space, expand the storage, and reserve the storage space, so that the design and practicality of the house can be more perfectly combined to create a minimalist space that is activated by birth.

foshan modern simple grey and white kitchen cabinets

The grids in various storage cabinets can be used to store various small things. Through the reserved storage space, the interior can be tidy and orderly, and the minimalist lines are beautiful.

The kitchen cabinet is a good storage space, we can place some things that are not used or unused this season. Like this grey kitchen cabinet, it can be configured accessory inside, such as TALL BASKET, PIN OUT BIN, LAZY SUSAN BASKET etc.....

modern simple grey and white kitchen cabinets storage

3. Store fragmented objects and use space scientifically


The minimalist living space is more open for storage, but it has higher requirements. It pays attention to "simplify first and then hide". All idle spaces in the living space can be used without sacrificing life The convenience to achieve the minimalist line beauty.


All in all, the minimalist style is to make the interior clean and simple. We only need to match the colors and materials to make full use of space scientifically. Even if there are thousands of small objects in the interior, we can organize them to the point of minimalism. You say yes Isn't it?

china quality modern simple grey and white kitchen cabinets

I personally think that if you don’t pay any attention, you can choose modern white and grey gloss kitchen cabinets when choosing the color and style of the cabinets. Classics can’t go wrong.

Have you learned such a storage method? Try it out as soon as you learn it!