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9 Tips for Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design and Layout in 2020

Published by admin 2022-04-09


This is a great topic, and I believe these tips are very suitable for every family that needs renovation. Modern kitchen cabinet design and layout need to pay attention to a lot of details, I have summarized 9 tips here, I hope to help you.


1. Leave some distance between the cooker and the wall, try not to stick to the side wall, avoid the pot edge and other conflict with the wall.


2. The side of the kitchen cabinet against the wall must consider the outward protrusion of the door line to prevent the opening and closing of doors, drawers and pull baskets from being affected.


3. There should be enough space for use between the sink and the cooker. It is better to be above 800, but not too far away, so as to run back and forth during operation.

9 tips for modern kitchen cabinet design and layout in 2020

4. Pay attention to the reasonable configuration of accessories. Although there are various types of kitchen cabinet accessories, the accessories suitable for each kitchen are different, which can be convenient to use and have strong functionality.


5. The joints of the corners of the tabletop must have a reasonable area to avoid the influence of force to cause fracture.


modern kitchen cabinet design layout


6. Pay attention to the reserved position of the socket. The socket between the countertop and the wall kitchen cabinet should be separated from the position of the sink. The socket of the refrigerator is best set on the side or upper side of the front wall, as well as kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, range hoods, Disinfection cabinet, oven, etc.


2020 modern kitchen cabinet design layout


7. The location of the upper and lower water outlets, the water pipe should not be less than 400mm, which is convenient for connecting the faucet and kitchen treasure, etc., the height of the water pipe should not exceed 100mm or not less than 200mm, so that the kitchen cabinet body should be installed when installing the kitchen cabinet. The moving saw is reduced to a minimum. Since the bottom of the kitchen cabinet has adjusting feet, the position of the bottom plate is generally between 100mm and 140mm.


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8. The rectification of the gas pipeline requires coordination with the gas company. It is best to place the gas outlet pipeline and the inlet main pipe side by side, and try to reduce the area of the pipeline's cladding plate on the countertop, so as to expand the use area of ​​the countertop, and prepare the gas pipeline in advance. The rectification facilitates the opening and dredging of the kitchen cabinet.


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9. There are two ways to install the hood pipe: one is to preset the hood pipe inside the ceiling and seal the edge before laying the ceiling, and calculate the position of the hood outlet to hang out; the other is Settled in the lower part of the suspended ceiling, the wall cabinet shall be covered with a ceiling plate after installation. The condition for adopting this form is that the distance between the air duct opening and the front wall should not exceed 300mm.


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