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How to Customize Kitchen Cabinet Size

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Kitchen cabinets are indispensable equipment in modern kitchens. The perfection of their functions is closely related to the reasonable size. A reasonable size of kitchen cabinets not only looks beautiful, but is more comfortable to use.


Many families will like customized kitchen cabinet. Customized kitchen cabinet are more suitable for their home decoration than bought standard size kitchen cabinet. If you have no experience, you will be inaccurate in the choice of kitchen cabinet size. The kitchen cabinet you make will affect the overall effect. There is an unreasonable situation where the size is too large, the space is wasted, and the size is too small to fit the electrical appliances. If you want to order a kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to learn about the kitchen cabinet size.


kitchen cabinet drawing

1. The height of the base cabinet

According to ergonomics, 780mm is more suitable.


2. Width of base cabint

custom kitchen cabinet drawing

This is related to the size of the sink, the width of the largest sink that can be put in and the normal width

The largest household sink (vegetable sink) is also 470mmX880mm, and it is better to make kitchen cabinet around 600~650mm, which is more suitable and more beautiful.


3. The thickness of the countertop

kitchen cabinets makers

There are several thicknesses of quartz, such as 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm etc. The same kind of quartz has different thickness.


4. Countertop height

If the height of the countertop of the cabinet is a cabinet, it should be 900mm.


5. The height of the Toe kick

The height of the low toe kick is generally 100mm, which can be designed. Generally, it is divided into stone toe kick, stainless steel toe kick, density toe kick, PVC toe kick, etc.


6. Drawer slide

Generally speaking, it is divided into three sections of slides, pumping slides, and roller rails according to the design method.

The sizes are: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm.


7. Basket and classification

Kitchen cabinet pull baskets can be divided into side pull baskets, multifunctional cabinet pull baskets, stove pull baskets, and special functional pull baskets: big monsters, medium monsters, and small monsters.

kitchen cabinet with basket


According to the different materials of the pull basket, it can be divided into iron plating, stainless steel, stainless steel plating and aluminum pull blue. Among them, stainless steel and stainless steel plating are the most common in the market and used by customers.


custom kitchen cabinet with basket storage


According to the width of the multifunctional cabinet pull basket, there are 150 kitchen cabinet width, 200 kitchen cabinet width, 400 kitchen cabinet width and 600 kitchen cabinet width. The stove pull blue has 700 kitchen cabinets, 800 kitchen cabinets and 900 kitchen cabinets. In addition, the hob pull basket is divided into three-sided basket and four-sided basket according to different installation and use methods. In addition, stainless steel pull baskets are available in 10 mm, 9 mm and 8 mm according to the diameter of the steel bar.


8. The specifications of the disinfection kitchen cabinet and the required net size


custom kitchen cabinet layout


80 liters disinfection kitchen cabinet size: width 585, height 580-600 are all OK, diameter 500 is enough.

The 90-liter disinfection kitchen cabinet dimensions: width 585, height 600, diameter 500 is sufficient.

100 liters of disinfection kitchen cabinet dimensions: width 585, height 620-650, diameter 500 is enough.

liter disinfection kitchen cabinet size: width 585 height 650 diameter depth 500 is enough.


custom kitchen cabinet supplier


9. Shape of build-in disinfection cabinet

Length × height × diameter depth

80 liters: 600×580×400 90 liters: 600×620×450 100 liters: 600×650×450

110 liters: 600×650×480


10. Wall cabinets of standard kitchen cabinet sizes


custom wall kitchen cabinet supplier


The height of the wall cabinet is 500mm~600mm, the depth is 300mm~450mm, and the length is 1200mm~3900mm. The space between the kitchen cabinets should be no more than 700mm.

Wall cabinet should be 1450mm~1500mm away from the ground. This height is suitable for most cooks, so that they can open the wall cabinet and take out the utensils without tiptoeing.


custom wall base kitchen cabinet supplier


The best distance between the cabinet wall cabinet and the operating table is 600mm. This distance refers to the distance from the countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet, so as to place some tableware or small kitchen appliances.


11. Lacquer cabinets of standard kitchen cabinet sizes


custom kitchen cabinet lacquer


Floor height: 845mm

Water retaining height: 45mm

Height of front 45mm

Table width: 600mm

Height of wall cabinet: 800mm

Depth of wall cabinet: 350mm


12. Standard kitchen cabinet of Solid Wood


custom solid wood kitchen cabinet


Space requirement: 2.5m

Height of floor counter: 820mm

Water retaining height: 50mm

Height of front : 60mm

Table width: 600mm

Height of wall cabinet: 750mm

Depth of wall cabinet: 380mm


13. Full kitchen cabinet size


custom full kitchen cabinet size


Currently common cabinets on the market, the normal height should be 820mm~850mm, the width of the countertop should be 550mm~600mm, the height of the wall cabinet is usually 688mm~720mm, there are also 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, of course these sizes are extra money . The depth of the wall cabinet is usually 330mm~350mm. This is just reference data, the height of the kitchen cabinet can be designed according to your own situation.


Normally, the base cabinet is 600 wide and 800 high, and the wall cabinet is 320 deep and 700 high (not including the top line)

Each manufacturer is somewhat different (marked in millimeters): common base cabinets are 550 deep, 650 high, single-door length 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600. Double-door length 600, 700, 800 , 900, 1000. Wall cabinet with depth of 300, height of 700 or 800, long and same floor cabinet, single door 50 unitary system, double door 100 unitary system. The depth of the table is 600, and the height of the front elevation is 40, 60.

After reading these, have you learned it? Hurry up and transfer it to your friends!