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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned regularly. Whether your kitchen cabinets are lacquer or laminate, you need different cleaning methods. Such cleaning can be effective. Here are some simple kitchen cabinet cleaning methods. Let’s take a look.


Kitchen cabinet cleaning method


1. How to clean solid wood kitchen cabinets


solid wood kitchen cabinets


The cleaning method of solid wood kitchen cabinets is mix white vinegar and alcohol, and then add a few drops of detergent. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with this cleaning mixture to wipe the cabinets. Next, rinse the cabinets thoroughly with warm water, and finally use furniture oil containing beeswax to paint the surface. This way your cabinets will look completely new.


2. How to clean glossy painted kitchen cabinets


pink glossy painted kitchen cabinet

glossy painted kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned with a mild detergent, but if you use too much detergent on the surface, the detergent will cause certain damage to the paint. So, mix the white vinegar with a few drops of detergent, but don't use alcohol. Put this mixture in a spray bottle to better control the spray volume. After spraying, wipe the cabinet with a slightly damp fiber cloth. Finally, wipe dry with another clean microfiber cloth.


3. How to clean black painted kitchen cabinets


gloss black painted kitchen cabinet


Black painted kitchen cabinets can create a unique appearance in the kitchen. Whether the cabinets are painted black or stained with ebony wood, they need to be carefully cleaned. Every day, water and oil stains on the cabinets, as well as accumulated dust. . So it should be wiped with a wet fiber cloth at least once a week. It only takes a few minutes, but doing so can reduce or prevent the degree of gradual damage to the cabinet.


4. How to clean white painted kitchen cabinets


white kitchen cabinet


white painted kitchen cabinets give the kitchen a fresh, clean appearance, but they can easily be scratched. Just like black painted cabinets, white should be wiped with a damp fiber cloth at least once a week. White paint should also be used to repair the scratches.


5. How to clean plywood kitchen cabinet


plywood kitchen cabinet design


plywood kitchen cabinet are the easiest to keep clean because their surface has no porous wood grain to absorb dirt and oil stains. Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean once a week, and also use a mixture of detergent and vinegar to clean. Vinegar is a natural acid that can clean difficult-to-clean foods. Dishwashing liquid helps produce mild foam and also facilitates cleaning.


6. How to clean the cabinet handle


white plywood kitchen cabinet


The use rate of cabinet handle is the highest, so it is the dirtiest and usually sticky, so you may use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the area around the handle. You may add hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol in the water and mix it to scrub the handle.


7. How to clean cabinet corners and gaps


Cabinets with corners and crevices are also very troublesome to clean. When removing dirt and dust in narrow places, you may use a microfiber cloth wrapped with a knife to enter the flat area that needs to be cleaned. But be careful that it will not penetrate the fabric and scratch the cabinet. Toothpicks are also suitable for cleaning narrow corners and small cracks in cabinets.


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