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Is it Better to Use Particle Board or Plywood for Kitchen Cabinet ?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Having a beautiful kitchen is everyone's wish, so kitchen decoration can not be arbitrary. A set of high-quality and beautiful cabinets can not only improve the quality of life, but also save a lot of care in the future.

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However, many friends were stunned by panel before choosing the cabinets, but before looking at the style.


In order to make everyone more comfortable when buying, the following editor will come to nag, how to choose the kitchen cabinet when decorating? What do you think about the choice of cabinet panel? Is particle board or plywood better? What should I pay attention to when buying kitchen cabinets?


Friends who have the need to purchase white shaker cabinets must not miss it!


To choose a white shaker kitchen cabinets, we must first understand the board. At present, there are roughly two kinds of mainstream boards on the market: plywood and particle board. These two kinds of boards are controversial. Let's talk about their respective advantages and disadvantages.





Plywood is made of multi-layer boards arranged in a crisscross pattern as the base material.


Generally, half of the layers it contains are more than two layers, there are four layers, six layers and eight layers, etc. Its appearance looks like a sandwich, simple and intuitive and rough.


Advantages and disadvantages of plywood?



1. The advantage of solid wood multilayer board is that it has strong compression resistance, is not easy to deform and crack, the shrinkage and expansion system is very small, and has a good ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The surface layer can show the natural wood grain of the wood, paving Simple.


2. Compared with solid wood, it can make up for some of the defects naturally produced by natural wood, such as knots, small breadth, deformation, large vertical and horizontal mechanical differences and other shortcomings.


3. Plywood also have advantages in terms of price. Compared with the expensive price of solid wood boards, plywood are more economical and affordable.



Plywood is made of high temperature and high pressure in a hot press after being coated with resin glue in the production process, so in terms of environmental protection, there will be some formaldehyde release, and there will be pollution with glue. But it is made of glue The least amount of artificial board.


Particle Board

Q: What is particle board?

A: Particle board is a new type, high-grade and environmentally friendly base material, and the technology is very mature.


It is a scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, with fine wood fibers sandwiched between long wood fibers on both sides, and an artificial board synthesized by applying adhesive.

It is a board produced by the process of particle board, and the principle is the same as that of MDF.

Particle board has a high market share in China or other countries because of its high quality and low price.


how to choose materials for kitchen cabinets

Q: Advantages and disadvantages of particle board?

A: advantage

1. The interior of the particle board is a granular shape with a cross staggered structure. Therefore, the nail-holding force is good, and you can nail round nails and screws. These machinability is significantly better than MDF.


2. The density of the particle board is high, and the wood fiber particles in the board are large, which retains the essence of natural wood. The content of the  particle board is generally less than 5% in the use of adhesive, and the environmental protection is better.


3. The particle board has small warpage and deformation, good dimensional stability, high strength and good stiffness, and it is not easy to bend when hanging thick clothes. The wood-based panels currently used in the European furniture market are also mainly particle boards.



The flatness of particle board is not as good as that of density board, and it is more difficult to make arc and shape.

how to choose materials for white kitchen cabinets


Both types of boards have their own advantages. In general, plywood: high density, good structural stability, temperature and humidity can be adjusted but the price is high, and there are few big brands; particle board: moisture-proof, good dimensional stability, Good processability, lower price, more brands, and more environmental protection.


Which one you choose depends on your needs and decoration budget.

After understanding the panel, don’t be complacent first, installing kitchen cabinets is more than just panel. We don’t have to worry about it. We look at the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen is well done. Others see only enviable people.



The hardware is known as the soul of the cabinet. Some miscellaneous cabinets use poor hardware in order to suppress the price. It is important to pay attention to this. Bad hardware will cause rust cracks on the iron parts, cracks on the door panel, and the sound of the drawer pushing and pulling.

Hinge process: Before screwing, a barrier plug is embedded in this hole. After the screw is screwed in, it will be tightened and tightened and it will never be loose.



how to choose countertop for kitchen cabinets


A:The countertop is a very important item in the kitchen cabinet. If the countertop is not good, it will appear: there are scratches, penetration phenomena, and countertop breakage.


The countertops on the market are basically quartz stone, and the main component of quartz stone is actually called quartz sand. The higher the content of quartz sand, the higher the hardness and the greater the density, the less likely it is to break and bleed.


Q: beam

A:There are two reasons for the beam to break


1. The load-bearing property of the board (bending resistance)

The countertop is laid on the cabinet board, especially the vertical board of the cabinet board. If the load-bearing capacity of this force board is poor (often chopping things), plus the self-weight of the countertop, the force board will bend and deform or even break after a long time.


2. Process details are not in place

There are three aluminum beams at the bottom of the countertop for support. If the process is not fine, it may cause fracture.


3. The problem of lining board

The plane of the lining board is parallel to the force board above. The countertop and this lining must be 100% tightly fitted. If you can't make a 100% tight fit, it will still break.


4. Opening

The openings of the countertop basin and stove are the most prone to breaks. Poor-quality brands have holes in the countertops, and if you chop things frequently, cracks may appear over time. The table must be finely polished, it is very smooth to touch by hand, and it will not be scratched, and this corner should be rounded.

 how to choose materials for black kitchen cabinets


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