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How To Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

There are differences in the aesthetics of each person, and the decoration style of each household is different, especially in the choice of kitchen cabinets, which should be selected according to actual needs. Such as customizing the size, material, and appearance of kitchen cabinets.


custom kitchen cabinet


1. Custom kitchen cabinet size


Kitchen cabinets are generally divided into floor cabinets and hanging cabinets. The height of household kitchen cabinets is usually 80-90 cm. It is recommended to set the sink 5 cm below the elbow, the height of the operating table 15 cm below the elbow, and the height of the furnace 25 cm below the elbow.


The height of the hanging cabinet depends on the ceiling height of the kitchen, usually between 65 cm and 90 cm. If the ceiling of the kitchen is higher than 2.3 meters, the height of the hanging cabinet can be selected as 91 cm.


The range hood is an indispensable part of the kitchen, so special attention should be paid during the installation process. Installing too high may cause some oily smoke to be lost, and the high and low levels are not conducive to daily cooking. The hanging distance of the standard range hood should be 52 cm/62 cm from the floor cabinet (not including the tabletop).


custom kitchen cabinets


2. Custom kitchen cabinet material


There are many choices of kitchen cabinet materials, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel material is waterproof, insect-proof, high temperature resistant, and environmentally friendly. It can be reused and the service life is about 20 years. However, the technical requirements in production are strict. Wooden kitchen cabinets are mainly used for country style and Japanese home decoration, which are beautiful overall and have good visual effects. The disadvantage is that it is easy to mold and rot, and the service life is not long. The kitchen cabinet made of the fireproof board is resistant to high temperature, easy to clean, moisture-proof, and not easy to fade. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to produce three-dimensional effects like bumps and metals. The most mature cabinet material in the blister board cabinet is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, fade-resistant, easy to clean, and popular in the market.


3. Custom kitchen cabinet appearance


The appearance is a point that everyone pays attention to, and the kitchen can be as beautiful as the living room. Use different colors and patterns to create different atmospheres. If the kitchen area at home is too small, the color of the kitchen cabinets should not be too dark, and the dark color will give people a sense of visual depression. Light colors will give people a sense of visual extension and make the space more spacious.


The solid wood kitchen cabinets give people a natural and fresh feeling, accompanied by melons, fruits, vegetables, or flowers as if they are in the open air.