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How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets in 2020 | 12 Tips for Buying Guide

Published by admin 2022-04-09

When buying kitchen cabinets, you must know what you are doing before you regret it. Today, VIHO Team summarized the 12 tips you need to know about buying kitchen cabinets. Friends who want to buy kitchen cabinets will find out.


how to buy kitchen cabinet


1. The Thickness of Kitchen Cabinet Carcase.

At present, there are 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm thickness carcase on the market, and the cost of different thicknesses varies greatly. The cost of this 18-thick carcase is 7% higher than that of the 16 thick carcase. The service life of 18mm thick kitchen cabinet carcase can be more than doubled, ensuring that the door panels are not deformed and protecting the countertop from cracking. Consumers must carefully understand the composition of the materials when looking at the samples, so as to be aware of it.


2. Whether It Is An Independent Cabinet or A Full Cabinets Connected Together.

The whole set of connected cabinets will affect the fastness, so consumers should ask clearly when purchasing the full  kitchen cabinet, the difference in service life and stability between the two is 2-3 times, and the cost difference is 5%. Consumers can identify by packaging and installed cabinets. If the independent cabinets are assembled in a single cabinet, each kitchen cabinet should have an independent packaging; consumers can also observe when the kitchen cabinet is installed and the countertop is not installed.


buying kitchen cabinet guide


3. Kitchen Cabinet Carcase Color

The kitchen cabinets on the market have a variety of colors, the most important ones are warm white, off-white, cool white, etc. The cost of different colors is different, of which the cost of warm white carcase is the highest, 4% higher than other finish colors. The warm white finish is soft, full and beautiful in color, which is an internationally popular box color. It surpasses the monotonous, whitish domestic gray and cool white in terms of environmental protection, stain resistance, mildew resistance, and discoloration resistance. The finish is cleaner and safer to use. Of course, due to price reasons, some consumers will choose gray or cool white kitchen cabinets.


4. Whether The Back Panel is Single or Double

In order to save costs, some manufacturers use single back panel, and the invisible side is exposed. The single sided sealing back panel is prone to damp, mildew, and it is easy to release formaldehyde and cause pollution, so it must be sealed on both sides.


kitchen cabinet door back panel


5. whether There is Anti-cockroach Mute Edge Sealing.

The use of anti-cockroach-proof and silent-edge-sealed cabinets can relieve the impact when the door is closed, eliminate noise, and prevent cockroaches and other insects from entering. The cost of anti-cockroach-sealing is 3% different. Also check whether the countertop, door panel, box body, sealing strip, and anti-collision strip are molded by the machine, and whether the front and back sides are pressed at once. If the sealing strip is not tightly closed, it will cause oily smoke, dust and insects to enter.


6. The Brand of Edge Banding Glue.

Imported glue does not contain or rarely contains formaldehyde, so it will not produce processing pollution. In terms of durability, it can also ensure a longer time without degumming and prevent formaldehyde leakage. Well-known manufacturers will use imported brand edge banding glue such as Niutou, Jiaowang, and National Starch.

melamine kitchen cabinet


7. the Composition of Artificial Stone.

Suitable materials for kitchen countertop include fireproof board, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, artificial stone countertop have the best price-performance ratio. The cheap countertop calcium carbonate has a high content and is easy to crack. At present, composite acrylic and pure acrylic are more commonly used in the market. The best ratio of acrylic component in composite acrylic is generally about 20%.


how to buy kitchen cabinet countertop


8. Whether the Artificial Stone Can be Installed without Dust.

In the past, many kitchen cabinet manufacturers would polish the artificial stone at the installation site, causing environmental pollution in the room, which consumers did not expect. Now some leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers have realized this. For example, after the Spring Festival, We have realized the service upgrade of dust-free construction of artificial stone on-site. If the kitchen cabinet manufacturer you choose is dusty and polished, you must choose to install the countertop before the floor and paint enter the venue, otherwise you will have to spend money to do a second cleaning.


9. Guarantee of the Raw Material

A set of kitchen cabinets consists of a series of components such as door panels, cabinet carcase, artificial stones countertop, and hardware accessories. There is a large price difference between imported materials and domestic materials. The prices of both domestic materials and branded ones are also very different. Therefore, it is necessary to ask about the origin, and write the guarantee of origin on the contract according to its propaganda caliber. If the verification does not match, the consumer has the right to ask for double the payment.



10. Quality of Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Kitchen cabinets are also furniture products, and the country clearly stipulates that a finished product inspection report should be issued and the formaldehyde content should be clearly stated. Some kitchen cabinet manufacturers can only provide raw material inspection reports, but the environmental protection of raw materials is not the same as the environmental protection of finished products. Only when finished products are qualified can their products be certified. Therefore, consumers can request it from the merchant when making a purchase, or record the number of the quality inspection report presented by the merchant and call the quality inspection department to verify the authenticity.



Don't just care about the price and style of the product, whether it can provide high-quality, after-sales service is the performance of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer's strength. Manufacturers who dare to guarantee for five years will definitely have higher requirements in terms of materials, manufacturing and other aspects, and they are the most affordable for consumers. Many small kitchen cabinet factories are very cheap, but the warranty is short or there is no warranty. Once a problem occurs, it is difficult to get a reasonable solution, so consumers must ask questions such as product warranty when ordering kitchen cabinets. Regular manufacturers should have written warranty instructions, and consumers should make a decision after reading them carefully.

quality kitchen cabinet

12. whether you can visit the factory

A beautiful showroom does not mean strong strength. Kitchen Cabinet are a complete industrialized industry and need to have an industrial foundation. The factory photos, machinery and equipment in some company's promotional materials are all virtual or "taken". In fact, they are likely to be small workshops. Machinery and equipment have a great impact on production capacity and workpiece quality. Even if you don't really want to go, raise this question to see if the sales manager welcomes you, so as to judge the strength of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer.


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