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Do You Understand The 6 Key Points of A Custom Wardrobe?

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Customized wardrobes require not only a beautiful appearance and gorgeous design, but also humanization, rationalization, and high quality. As a customized wardrobe manufacturer, we constantly adjust the production process and production methods according to the needs of customers. Here, let us understand the 6 key points of customized wardrobes.


1. The selection of materials should be environmentally friendly. If there is a test certificate, a customized wardrobe requires a large number of panels. If the environmental protection of the panels is not up to standard, the wardrobe will become a source of indoor pollution. Affect your own health, so when buying plates, check whether there are a plate inspection report and environmental protection certificate from an authoritative testing department.


2. Check the edge sealing of the sheet metal parts. The edge sealing of the board should be intact, so as to ensure that the board will not release formaldehyde when it is not damp, and at the same time, it will not be affected by damp deformation and shorten the service life.


the 6 key points of a custom wardrobe


3. Understand the customized cycle and warranty period of wardrobe manufacturers. Generally, it takes about 10-20 days to make a custom wardrobe. This should be agreed with the manufacturer to prevent delays in the construction period and affect the progress of the decoration. Understand the warranty period and scope of the custom wardrobe hardware, door panels, and cabinets to prevent problems.


4. Check whether the hardware is qualified. If it is a swing door, check whether the surface of the hinge is smooth and the coating is thick, not easy to rust, strong and durable, strong load-bearing capacity, and whether the opening and closing is smooth. If it is a sliding cabinet door, check whether the slideway is smoother and more stable, with good load-bearing capacity and a good mute effect.


5. Understand the specific algorithm of the customized wardrobe. Wardrobe customization is generally calculated by square, accessories, drawers, partitions, door panels, hardware, slides, etc. must be seen clearly whether they are charged separately. Manufacturers usually include hardware accessories together.


6. Check the veneer. If the veneer material is soft and has poor wear resistance, and even a mark can be drawn with a nail, the wardrobe will definitely be easily damaged and aging and has a short service life. The environmentally friendly melamine veneer used by regular manufacturers has thick dipping paint, high hardness, and wear resistance.