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Comparison of Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinets

Published by admin 2022-04-09

When customizing kitchen cabinets, you usually have to choose whether to customize or semi-custom, depending on the actual needs of customers. So, what is a semi-custom kitchen cabinet?


Comparison of custom kitchen cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets


Usually, semi-custom kitchen cabinets are lower than the price of a fully customized kitchen. It is flexible. The advantage of semi-custom kitchen cabinets is that they are measured and manufactured to not only fit your space but can also be modified to suit your personal style. Our kitchen cabinets have hundreds of cabinet finishes and finish technology combinations to choose from. Finishing technology allows unique and personalized settings for semi-custom cabinet finishes, and it is by no means the same in the two cabinets.


Semi-custom kitchen cabinets mainly include the following aspects:
1. Increase the depth of the cabinet
2. Finished product and paint cabinet interior
3. Functional end, easy to use
4. Ineffective toe kicks minimize the appearance
The kitchen is one of the most important places in the family, and the frequency of use is also very high. A good kitchen cabinet can provide great convenience when cooking, and the things are arranged in an orderly manner.


Comparison of custom kitchen cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets


How much does the semi-custom kitchen cabinet cost?
Semi-custom kitchen cabinets provide more customized functions than mass-produced stock kitchen cabinets, but compared with stock kitchen cabinets, the price is indeed higher. Although usually higher than stock cabinets, our semi-custom cabinets can be modified and customized to fully-customized cabinets. However, the price of semi-custom kitchen cabinets is lower than that of full customization. If you want to know the specific price and need to communicate with us for detailed requirements, please inquire.