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Basic Wardrobe Size and Door Color Option | VIHO Guide

Published by admin 2022-04-09

The design of a wardrobe size should not only consider its beauty, but also its practicality. When designing a wardrobe, we must pay attention to ergonomics.

The so-called ergonomics means that the tool fits the natural shape of the human body as much as possible when used. Without actively adapting, we can easily reduce fatigue and make us more comfortable and safer at work. So, how to design an ergonomic wardrobe? Please use the following guidelines to help determine the best wardrobe closet design and facilities for your space and conditions.


walk in Wardrobe Size


Interior size of wardrobe


1. Wardrobe depth

The depth of the closet is generally 530mm-620mm, plus the wardrobe door, the width of the whole closet is about 600mm. For women wardrobe, this width is normal.


Basic Wardrobe Size and Door Color Option | VIHO Guide


2. The height required for various clothes


open wardrobe size

Short clothes, suits must have a minimum height of 800mm.

The long coat cannot be lower than 1300mm in height, otherwise it will be dragged to the bottom of the wardrobe cabinet.


3. Drawer position


melamine wardrobe size


The height of the top surface of the drawer is preferably less than 1250mm, especially in the room of the elderly, it is better to be about 1000mm, so that it is more convenient to use. The height of the drawer itself is between 150mm-200mm and the width is between 400mm-800mm.


4. Pants Rack Space


wardrobe with pants rack


The pants rack space should be reserved for a height of 650mm, if it is hanged on a hanger, it should be kept at least 700mm.


5. Shelf Height Space


wardrobe shelf


The distance between the shelf is 400mm-600mm, too small or too large is not conducive to placing clothes.


6. Slide Adjustable Space

If you make a sliding door wardrobe, leave a slideway of 75mm-80mm at the position of the sliding door.


7. Base Wardrobe Cabinet Toe Kick

The base wardrobe cabinet toe kick is generally 5mm higher than the wall. When the height of the wall toe kick is unknown, it is generally designed to be 100mm.



8. Built-in Dress Mirror


wardrobe built in mirror


If the dressing mirror is to be placed in the wardrobe, the height should be controlled between 1000mm-1400mm.


9. TV Wardrobe Cabinet


glass wardrobe


If a TV is placed in the wardrobe, the height of the TV cabinet should not be less than 450mm from the ground, usually 600mm~750mm. Considering the heat dissipation space, the height of the cabinet should be kept at 900mm.


10. Other sizes

Below 650mm, it is generally designed to hold small items;

At the scale of 650mm-1850mm, it is designed to put seasonal common clothes;

Above 1850mm, it is designed for infrequently used items and seasonal clothes;

If the cabinet is to be done to the end, the base cabinet is generally 2100mm, and the rest will be put on the wall cabinet.


Wardrobe door color selection


wardrobe color option

1. White wardrobe door

White is a versatile color, no matter what style your home is decorated, you may choose white wardrobe doors.

2. Wooden wardrobe door

Wood color is also a versatile color, usually in Chinese, American, modern, simple and other home styles. It not only has a sense of original wood, but also is more durable and stain resistant.

3. Contrasting color wardrobe door

If you think that the monochrome wardrobe door cannot meet your color needs, then you might as well consider a combination of multiple colors.

4. Wardrobe doors in other colors

You can also choose other cabinet door colors according to your own color preference.

The good news is that VIHO TEAM will produce 3D renderings to confirm the final effect before order production.