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5 tips in kitchen cabinet decoration

Published by admin 2022-04-09

In the decoration, the kitchen is the place that takes the most time and money but is also the easiest place to step on the pit. Have you noticed the 5 most common misunderstandings in kitchen cabinet decoration?

VIHO has sorted out 5 practical tips in kitchen cabinet decoration for everyone.


Tip 1 :  The kitchen needs more than one ceiling lamp


When decorating, it is far from enough to design a ceiling lamp in the middle of the kitchen. It will easily cause shadows or blind areas of light, which will affect the operation.


For example, in the operating area at the bottom of the wall cabinet, because the shadows generated by the body are projected on the countertop, it may make it impossible for us to see whether the ingredients are cleaned, and even cut vegetables even if we touch the dark. At this time, a light strip can be installed at the bottom of the wall cabinet to increase the auxiliary light source.


kitchen cabinet design

(kitchen cabinet product:


Some kitchen cabinets have a deeper design, and finding something at night is basically a "blindness". In this case, light strips can be installed in the cabinet to facilitate lighting access and place items, and it also has the effect of enhancing the aesthetics of the space.


kitchen cabinet light strips


Tip 2: Sometimes single slot is more practical than double slot


Whether it is single-slot or double-slot, the selection needs to be determined according to the actual situation.


If the area of the apartment is not very large and the countertop of the kitchen cabinet is relatively small, it will be more practical to choose a large single slot. Because of the large capacity of a single tank, basically all pots and pans can be put in, and it is not easy to splash water when cleaning the pot.


kitchen cabinet slot

(kitchen cabinet product:


If the kitchen space is sufficient and the individual pays much attention to partition cleaning, then large and small basins and double tanks are a good choice. It can meet the cleaning needs of functional partitions, washing pots and vegetables at the same time, improving the efficiency of cooking.


double slot kitchen cabinet


Tip 3: Choose the good quality cabinet hardware


Hardware determines the lifespan of the kitchen cabinet, and bad hardware may start to fail after a few months. Therefore, do not save money on the hardware of the cabinet. Once the hardware is paralyzed, the cabinet will be affected in a large area.


When choosing hardware, VIHO recommends starting from two aspects: brand and material.


kitchen cabinet hardware


Our hardware choose from big brands with mature technology, quality is guaranteed.


As for the material, try to choose a stainless steel with a thick feel and a smooth surface, so that it is corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, and durable.


Tip 4: The range hood can’t be too close to the stove


Many people believe that the built-in form of electrical appliances is not conducive to heat dissipation, which will not only greatly shorten the life of the electrical appliances, but also easily cause safety hazards.


The range hood in kitchen cabinet


The top-suction range hood is generally installed at a distance of 650mm~700mm from the cooktop, while the side-suction range hood is generally installed at a position of 350mm~400mm from the cooktop.


If you want a better smoking effect, you can replace the large suction range hood. The super suction power keeps the oily smoke from running around.


Tip 5: Appliances can built-in kitchen cabinet


In fact, if you want to have a built-in kitchen appliance, you can choose a kitchen appliance specifically designed for built-in cabinets, and at the same time reserve a good heat dissipation channel.


built-in kitchen appliance

(kitchen cabinet product:


For example, the heat dissipation of the built-in refrigerator is concentrated on the back or bottom, so it is necessary to open vents at the bottom, top and skirting of the cabinet to let it ventilate and dissipate heat.


cabinet vents


For built-in dishwashers, pay attention to the socket position not to be left directly behind, and sockets should be installed in adjacent cabinets to prevent water leakage and electricity leakage.


The built-in steaming and baking machine should not be installed near the stove, otherwise it will consume too much energy or it is difficult to dissipate heat, which will cause safety hazards. In addition, the cabinet should be made of materials that can withstand high temperature and load, which can effectively improve safety.


Custom cabinetry with built-in appliances


Cabinet decoration seems very simple, but if you want to decorate well, you need to pay attention to many aspects. Only reasonable design can bring convenience to future life. If you want to learn more about ktichen decoration, come and FOLLOW VIHO.