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4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020

Published by admin 2022-04-09

    I believe this problem plagues many owners who are decorating or preparing to decorate. Adhering to the principle that every 1 square meter of space is not allowed to be wasted, the design and layout of the kitchen is particularly important.

New 4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020

    Whether the kitchen is spacious or not depends on the placement of the kitchen cabinets. what type of kitchen cabinet will best match the shape of your kitchen, the most intuitive judgment depends mainly on your kitchen space and usual cooking needs.



Modern 4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020

    A single wall layout is arranged in a straight line, usually used in small area or long narrow kitchen. Its advantage is that it is simple to move the line, and it can be operated as long as it is moved left and right. The functions are usually arranged in the order of sink, countertop and stove.

    When many people share the kitchen, the biggest problem with the on wall layout will be most obvious. The stove, sink and cutting area are spread out. When two people share the kitchen, they will inevitably "fight."



Luxury 4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020

    The L-shaped kitchen is a relatively common shape in the current kitchen shape. The core of this L shape is two adjoining counters that create a right angle in a corner of the kitchen, distributing the whole kitchen is relatively reasonable, and it is generally more comfortable for the users of the kitchen.

    With the the L-shaped kitchen, you may even create a small breakfast nook on the opposite corner to further increase family enjoyment of the room.



The New 4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020

    This type of kitchen layout provides an excellent opportunity for uninterrupted work triangles. U shaped kitchen is most suitable for use in a large kitchen space, which can accommodate three countertop sections.

    The biggest advantage of U-shaped kitchen is large storage space  , so it will have a larger advantage when storing and operating, which makes the kitchen look more tidy and beautiful.



4 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2020 Kitchen Cabinet

    The island refers to a separate operating area independent of the cabinet and under the cabinet. The island kitchen cabinet is a very popular choice in open plan homes. its biggest role in modern decoration is to separate the kitchen from other spaces.

    The island kitchen cabinet has more countertop sections and storage space, which is convenient for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. If necessary, a sink or oven/stove can also be installed on the kitchen island.

    Making the best use of space has become crucial to homeowners,which is why many families look for a suitable kitchen layout. HOW DO YOU PLAN A NEW KITCHEN LAYOUT? Please contact us Now, VIHO CABINETS DESIGNER TEAM will help you do this!