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2020 Kitchen Cabinet Style and Designs | Realgres

Published by admin 2022-04-09

The decoration style is changing with the trend of the times. The European pastoral style was all the rage in the past few years, and the Nordic modern style has made a comeback in these years. Friends who plan to renovate in 2020, it is necessary to understand this year's fashion trends. The kitchen is the place where food is made. If the kitchen is not practical and unsightly, it will affect the quality of life and even the temperature of a home.


modern kitchen cabinets design


Below, we summarize the fashion trends of kitchen cabinet design in 2020, and see if you can get decoration inspiration from it?


1. The cabinet meets the bar


kitchen cabinet with island bar


In addition to playing new tricks in the use of colors, the popular design method of cabinet + bar will continue to be popular in 2020, making the kitchen your cooking stage every minute.

In an open kitchen, the bar counter not only functions as a soft partition, but also can better assist cooking, reduce storage pressure, and maximize the use of limited space.


2. build-in cabinet


build-in kitchen cabinet design


When the kitchen is full of pots and pans, various electrical appliances and sundries, and the owner is too lazy to clean or has no time to take care of, the entire space will become messy and even give people a very crowded feeling.


Choosing a kitchen cabinet that can hold all items, and using build-in for kitchen appliances, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, etc., not only saves space, but also maintains the beautiful appearance. It also allows you to maintain a happy mood when cooking. Cooking has also become a better experience.


3. Handleless Kitchen cabinets


handleless kitchen cabinet design


Nowadays, the popular handleless kitchen cabinets are simple in shape and do not add extra decorations. They can not only play a "purifying" visual decoration effect, but also have a simple and fashionable temperament. It is definitely the best choice for minimalists.

If the home is an open kitchen, the handleless kitchen cabinets can also show a harmonious and simple beauty, can avoid the accumulation of oil in the future, and it will be easier to clean up.


4. Trend Color Matching


color purple kitchen cabinet design


In the kitchen design of 2020, some lively and bright colors are selected to declare the fashion attitude of the kitchen, which more satisfies the aesthetic needs of modern young people.


Although the conventional color matching is versatile, it lacks individuality. The bright colors are closer to fashion attributes, showing vitality, and bringing a certain visual impact to people.


 green kitchen cabinet color design


However, the point to be emphasized here is that if you do not have enough skill and control in color matching, you should choose three or less color combinations.


The above is the fashion trend of kitchen cabinet design in 2020. VIHO is here to share with you. If you are interested, you can consult VIHO. VIHO can design unique kitchen cabinets for everyone.