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18 L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Design | Kitchen Inspiration

Published by admin 2022-04-09

If you are planning a larger kitchen space, L shaped kitchen cabinet is the best choice. The L-shaped kitchen perfectly integrates the triangular work area, which is the basis for effective kitchen layout. It doesn't matter whether it is a large kitchen or a small kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen becomes attractive and powerful. Here, we have 18 gorgeous L shaped kitchen cabinet designs to provide you with kitchen inspiration! Take a look:


1. Modern Melamine L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


Modern Melamine L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


The entire kitchen is based on white and natural wood colors, and the design adopts simple lines, modern materials and enough air to create a modern and bright atmosphere for this simple kitchen.


2. Luxury Classical Solid Wood L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


Luxury Classical Solid Wood L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


In the picture above, the large L-shaped kitchen has classic design aesthetics and neoclassical details, creating an elegant appearance. Its floor has natural Realgres wood grain tiles, the white subway tile backsplash complements the antique beige cabinets, and the countertop material is white granite. The whole kitchen matches white, gray and black, giving it a little more highlight.


3. Simple L shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layout


 Simple L shaped Kitchen Cabinet Layout


Small kitchens don’t have to feel cramped! the L-shaped kitchen has become the current favorite in the field of kitchen design. This type of kitchen layout not only provides practicality and a perfect balance in terms of design but also in terms of efficiency.


4. Concrete Wood House


Concrete Wood House


The detail of this kitchen is space, just fancy! Cabinet surface treatment, kitchen windows and quartz countertops are heaven! They are really great and add brightness to the entire kitchen!


5. Mid-Century Kitchen Cabinet


Mid-Century Kitchen Cabinet


The L-shaped kitchen also has an efficient working space, where equipment or cabinets can be installed along a right-angled wall, while leaving an open area in the center. The biggest highlight of this kitchen is the brown backsplash and handles, the whole kitchen is practical and has a sense of design.


6. Industry Modern Kitchen


Industry Modern Kitchen


Modern kitchen design with unique color combination. The green walls provide a cool and soft background for the L shaped cabinet. The combination of wood and balck colors gives people a modern industrial style. The baffle for storage is added on top, and it is paved with granite. It is a good design for a simple modern kitchen.


7. Nordic kitchen cabinet


Nordic kitchen cabinet


With high-gloss white base cabinets, sturdy black surface counters and matte flat-shaped storage cabinets, the modern L-shaped kitchen layout is matched with white and gray leaves a deep impression. This Nordic kitchen design, with chandeliers, and brown floors.


8. Tradition White Kitchen Cabinet with Island


Tradition White Kitchen Cabinet with Island


This traditional L shaped kitchen offers bead board cabinetry with a beautiful Carrara marble island and light wood flooring. White pvc with black handles, bright large windows, black countertops, and 3 small chandeliers are the highlights of the kitchen.


9. Veneer Wood Kitchen Cabinet


Veneer Wood Kitchen Cabinet


The L-shaped kitchenette design is both bright and bright. The light wood floor and the overall darker color scheme make the space open. The cabinets used are all dark wood colors, built-in, and equipped with white polished granite countertops. The light wood engineered floor matches the two wooden bar stools for dining.



10. Large L Shaped Kitchen


Large L Shaped Kitchen


The large L-shaped kitchen has the grandeur and elegance of a classic kitchen, but is equipped with modern appliances. It uses warm wood tiles to pave the floor and uses white cabinets and gray backsplash details. The top of the counter is made of granite stone, while the ceiling uses 3 Nordic chandeliers, adding more elegance to the kitchen space.


11. Grey L Shaped Kitchen Layout


Grey L Shaped Kitchen Layout


This modern L-shaped kitchen with island features gray cabinets and white solid countertops. The walls and floor are covered with bright polished glazed tiles, providing a stylish backdrop. The storage space under the island provides extra space for kitchen utensils and pots and pans. Two rectangular windows help to bring in natural light to illuminate the space.


12. Grey Kitchen for Small Family


Grey Kitchen for Small Family


This kitchen may be small, but it is not without problems in terms of design. The cabinet operation space is very small, but a cabinet with a lot of storage space is designed, and gray occupies the color of the entire kitchen. This kitchen design is very suitable for small families who don’t often cook at home.


13. Purple Nordic Kitchen Design


Purple Nordic Kitchen Design


Lavender is the most eye-catching design in the entire kitchen, full of femininity-simple and delicate, with white quartz countertops, island with three seaters bar, long L shaped design, which means you don't have to worry about storage space.


14. Modern White L Shaped Kitchen


Modern White L Shaped Kitchen


Modern L-shaped kitchen design with simple off-white panel doors and gray solid counters. Its backsplash uses brown tiles to match the cabinets and countertops, and it also has a large square kitchen island that provides an extra work surface and dining space.


15. White Wall Kitchen Cabinet


White Wall Kitchen Cabinet


Gorgeous Carrara classic marble countertops are the star of the white cabinet kitchen with a breakfast bar island. The wall cabinet is directly to the ceiling, no waste of space at all. The entire kitchen is white with rectangular windows, making the kitchen work not monotonous at all.


16. Grey and White L Shaped Kitchen


Grey and White L Shaped Kitchen


This classic design will suit any personality! The counter space is so large, whether you are a large kitchen or a small kitchen, you can easily host many dinner parties!


17. White Kitchen Cabinet with Island


White Kitchen Cabinet with Island


This white L shaped design is the choice of most families. Simple and practical. The whole kitchen is warm and bright.


18. Contemporary Kitchen Design


Contemporary Kitchen Design


The wine cabinet is amazing, this is a special design in the favorites. The dark wood floor, the combination of white and charcoal gray, the white carrara island design, the high cabinet for storage space, and three small golden chandeliers are the highlights of the entire kitchen design.