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14 Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets Design | Kitchen Inspiration

Published by admin 2022-04-09

Recently, we have seen many wooden kitchens return to the home inspiration space as the kitchen trend of 2020-2021. Think about it: wooden cabinets, countertop, floors, furniture and accessories-all aim to add earthy, farmhouse style to the house. Home.

Here, we share a collection of 14 wood kitchen designs that will inspire you to experiment with the material in your own space.



Dark wood Moment

  1.  If you like the look of natural grains, but prefer darker shades, then this wood kitchen cabinet will be your choice. We like the high contrast of the walls and countertop juxtaposed with the kitchen cabinets.


wood u-shaped kitchen cabinet


  1. This kitchen combines tradition and modernity. The dark color of cherry wood makes this two seater bar especially special. In fact, whether you choose melamine, solid wood, or pvc as raw materials, it can be achieved.


traditional kitchen cabinet


  1. This gray-blue kitchen is so beautiful! ! ! The gray-blue door panel is matched with the wood floor, and the industrialized chandelier is the highlight of the entire space.


gray blue wood kitchen cabinet


      4.This open French kitchen is practical with white wood and grid storage space, making it easy to get things.

fren solid wood kitchen cabinet


  1. Is this sage kitchen cabinet very special! !.


 sage solid wood kitchen cabinet


  1. This super large countertop is the highlight of this kitchen. U shaped design, the side windows let light in, making the entire space bright and comfortable.


large open wood kitchen cabinet with island


  1. White and rustic wood combine to create a space that looks modern yet has a certain classic appeal. Wall cabinet and long base cabinet make the whole space more storage space.


lacquer white wood kitchen cabinet design


  1. To be honest, the importance of windows in the kitchen is very high. The natural wood color is used as the base cabinet, and the bright surface paint is used as the wall cabinet. But the light reflected in, the whole kitchen is bright and clean. This is a modern kitchen.


modern wood kitchen cabinet with island


  1. there's so much to appreciate about well-designed kitchens with wood details. All the door panels in this kitchen are decorated with wood, and the white countertops are the bright color of the whole kitchen. Three seats bar is practical and beautiful.


modern wood kitchen cabinet with island


  1. This guest wants the living room and the kitchen to be in one space, with both a large island and a dining table. White decor wood, its very warm. The guest enjoys staying with his family, and family communication is the embodiment of the whole warm family. He believes that the kitchen is a place to create memories, good taste, and wonderful mood. This idea is great!


wood kitchen cabinet supplier


  1. Obviously, this is a very common American kitchen. L shaped, classic and practical.


classical solid wood kitchen cabinet


  1. This is a luxury kitchen. The gloss door panel and the dark wood color make this kitchen cabinet very different.


glass veneer wood kitchen cabinet


  1. Gray and wood seem to be a good choice. The gray floor and base cabinet door panel, combined with a large area of wood color, add a sense of modernity and simplicity to the kitchen.


L shaped wood kitchen cabinet design


  1. White and natural wood color, L shaped design, 2 seats Island. If you are a small space kitchen, this is also a good choice. Warmth and practicality are the best features of a kitchen.


L shaped wood kitchen cabinet with island