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Why Choose Us?


All can be customized according to your requirement,and we also can make design for you for free before you making the order. Our Advantage We can provide a wide range of products whatever you need for your building projects without MOQ. Besides, we will help you to consolidate all goods together and arrange shipping for you to meet your time needs and provide you superior after-sale service.Save $30,000 to $60,000 for home builders on your building project! Ship your building materials directly from VIHO factories instead of paying expensive retail price to your Local Suppliers!


VIHO China Custom kitchen cabinets with 3d design


What Can We Make for You?

Our projects range from the design, manufacture and install of kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom vanity for Villa, Apartment, House  through much larger projects. Our furniture grade is on par with quality European cabinet construction and styling. When you order from China, we produce the same high quality cabinetry at a fraction of the cost of buying in Europe and elsewhere. 



1. Complete engineering consulting

Contact us when your project starts.We understand your company’s standard requirements and understand how to deliver a long-lasting product that looks good to you on time. When ordering wholesale Chinese kitchen cabinets from VIHO, you will save time and costs.And in your entire project, we can also use the company's years of professional knowledge and experience to give you some practical suggestions in building materials industry.


2. Product Design

Choose your favorite style and design from our design and use our design software automation system to create new and unique things for you. We will help you to turn your ideas into reality through CAD engineering drawings and 2D and 3D animation effect drawings. Our design team always pays attention to design styles and concepts around the world, and we are never afraid to innovate or incorporate your ideas.

VIHO China 3D design Custom modern kitchen cabinets





3. Quality Control

Quality control is the core of VIHO. We use integrated technology to eliminate human error to ensure precise cutting of accurate orders. At each stage of production, we scan the QR code attached to each panel or package. This code allows us to always manufacture components of the right size, pull out the right accessories, and always know where your order is. And when loading the cabinet, the cabinet will be reasonably arranged to better place the product.

VIHO DPI quality kitchen cabinets